violence against women

PRESS RELEASE: Women Leaders National Jamboree--230 Women Leaders Building the New Indonesian Economy and Peace


Risma Umar from Institute for Women Empowerment (IWE) has stated that women leaders who attended the meeting are those who, for [the last] four years, have been involved with the Women's Empowerment for Leadership Development and Democratization (WELDD) program which the Institute for Women Empowerment (IWE) is a partner under.

Women in Aceh are Still Victims of Violence


As a commitment to the fulfilment of the rights of the victims/survivors, in 2011 12 women's organizations in Aceh formed the Aceh Monitoring Network 231 (JPA 231) dedicated to collecting, compiling and analyzing data on violence and discrimination against women from various service agencies. The results of this analysis are then written up in a Bi-Annual Report (Catahu). This article summarises the report's findings.

Unacceptable Peace


This article is the summary of IWE's short documentary. The film tells us about the struggle of a brave woman, Mrs Harni, who found that some cases of violence against women are often solved by making a “deal” between the victim and the perpetrator.

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