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Indonesia: PRESS RELEASE: Women's Jamboree Asked Ministry of Interior to Revoke Two SKBs

Published Date: 
Thursday, January 14, 2016


JAKARTA, suaramerdeka.com – Participants of Indonesian Women Jamboree, which includes a gathering of NGOs that focus on women’s empowerment and fulfillment of rights, have asked the Minister of Interior Tjahjo Kumolo to revoke two Joint Decrees (Surat Keputusan Bersama/SKBs). These two SKBs (of the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Religious Affairs and the Attorney General) concern the regulation of praying sites, and are considered discriminative. In addition, they have also asked Minister of Interior to revise the Qanun in Aceh as it discriminates against women.

Responding to the request, Tjahjo stated that he had previously sent a letter to the Minister of Religious Affairs to revise the decree. This is because the decree is contrary to the constitution which asserts that the state protects all its citizens, and therefore, there should be no discriminatory rules. However, Tjahjo demurred on the concerns regarding the Qanun in Aceh.

"We are certainly concerned, that is why I've sent a letter to Minister of Religious Affairs to discuss this matter. Not just on Ahmadiyah matters, but also the Shia and the native religions of our ancestors. I have in mind our brothers and sisters who hold the Sunda Wiwitan beliefs, who reported to me that they could not get ID cards despite having their data recorded, because they believe in a religion not recognized by the state. Indeed, they were rejected for burial in a public cemetery, because, well, their religion is not recognized by the state. This is discrimination surely. But when it comes to Qanun in Aceh, that is a different matter, because it is related to the Helsinki agreement, [although] I am concerned about that as well, "said Tjahjo.

In addition, Tjahjo also confirmed that the Ministry of Domestic Affairs has revoked discriminatory regional legislations as they seemed to create a state within a state and were contrary to law and the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. These regulations became a thorn in one’s side and had potential to cause internal conflict. (Hartono Harimurti / SM Network)


Source: http://berita.suaramerdeka.com/jambore-perempuan-minta-mendagri-cabut-dua-skb/

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