Our feminist leadership space is taking form, happening, as you read these lines. Whether you are an academic, activist, related or non-related professional, or a curious and concerned passer-by, you are invited to be part of the journey. We are pinning down concepts, taking action, testing the legitimacy of ideas-how theory can be applied and how practice creates theory. With every leap, every step, we are reflecting, we are learning and we are growing. We are initiating change, without and within.

Our courageous national partners and activists are busy launching campaigns, lobbying governments, supporting other grassroots groups, and working with their family, friends, peers, and communities, to challenge harmful cultural practices, promote gender equality and justice. They are stirring, and making waves…

As the work progresses, they will share with us their notes, struggles and triumphs, their personal joys, and failures. Their work will be documented here so make sure to watch this space!

If you wish to contribute to our feminist leadership project, or write for our ‘Public Square’ blog please feel free to send us an email or complete our feedback form.