Indications of a move toward ending anti-LGBT torture


19 March 2015 – Justice for Iran (JFI) & Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network (6Rang) welcome the decision by the Islamic Republic of Iran to accept 139 of the 291 recommendations and to partially support 59 recommendations put forward by the 28th session of the Human Rights Council that address the rights of sexual minorities. “This indicates that the findings in our reports on forced sex change, as well as ill-treatment and torture of individuals solely based on their sexual orientation and gender indentity were effective in bringing about the acceptance from Iran” Shadi Amin, the coordinator of 6Rang said.

Mukhannathun in Islam

“Men acting like women?”
“This is a sign of the End Times!”

Universal Periodic Review: An opportunity to spotlight the rights of lesbian and transgender citizens in Iran


During a pre-session organised by UPR Info ahead of Iran’s second Universal Periodic Review on October 31, JFI Co-Founder Shadi Amin, drew attention to Islamic Republic’s policy to medicalise gender identity and sexual orientation.

Stop forced and early marriages and end discrimination against sexual minorities


Illegalisation of forced and early marriages, banning forced sex change operations, and formal recognition of the rights of sexual minorities are among recommendations offered by various countries during the second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on the situation of human rights in Iran.

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